Best Places In California To Skydive

Boasting amazing views of the majestic Pacific, spectacular cliffs and cinnamon-dusted mountains, California is a perfect haven for skydivers. A multitude of professional outfitters are scattered throughout California and are able to assist the beginning to the most advanced skydivers.

Monterey Bay offers tandem jumps for first time skydivers. At 18,000 feet, it’s the world’s highest tandem jump offering a gorgeous view of Monterey Bay.

Skydiving in San Diego also offers breathtaking views. Skydivers can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains and Pacific waves crashing against steep, rocky cliffs.

Santa Barbara also offers tandem jumps at 18,000 feet.Check out this link here. Each jumper enjoys a 270 degree view of the Pacific, highlighted by the surrounding hills reaching into the sea.

Skydivers in Bakersfield enjoy a beautiful view of the San Joaquin Valley. It is a perfect destination for those looking for outfitters in the northern Los Angeles area.

Lake Elsinore is also a popular jump spot for skydivers and it offers a gorgeous view of California’s beautiful landscape.

California is a wonderful place to enjoy skydiving whether it’s a jumpers first or one thousandth time! The breathtaking scenery offered throughout the state is exceptional and sure to form lifetime memories.